Meie eesmärk on leida lahendus mistahes väljakutsele.

We help our customers to find the best solutions that meet the relevant standards within the framework of an existing project or product.

Our professional communication with the customer ensures smooth production and adherence to the agreed delivery time.

AVEN OÜ is a member of the Estonian Machinery Industry Association.

Areas of Activity
AVEN OÜ's main field of activity is the production of load-bearing steel elements. We perform custom work from design to installation. This includes solution development, design, working drawings, project management, production, assembly, surface finishing and transport from the production unit to the site.
We are able to produce various steel structures in accordance with ISO 1090-2: 2018 and EN 1090-3: 2019 standards and EXC3 and 3834-2 performance class.

Meie tootmisüksuse pindala on 2 800 m2, kasutuses on 4 telfrit (5T + 3x 15T). Kuna need asuvad jadas, siis korraga saab tõsta ca 50 tonni.

Meie valmistoodangu maksimaalsed gabariidid on 4,6 x 4,9 x 25 m, minimaalsed  0,3 x 0,5 x 0,5 m.

About us:

AVEN OÜ was established in 2007. We are constantly evolving and place great emphasis on refining and enhancing our processes and services to provide our customers with the best quality in every way.

Our team: 
The CEO, sales manager, welding coordinator IWE, project managers, production manager and cost accountant. We ensure production and adherence to the agreed delivery time. Our success is based on good and reliable communication. If required, we can create completely new products and solutions.


Our company has all the certificates certifying the quality of products and compliance with CE standards. We offer a high-quality, as affordable and rational solution as possible for all our products, in accordance with good production practices. All production processes are documented to ensure process traceability. We keep the customer informed at all stages of the production chain and, if necessary, consult on important issues. All products and projects are issued with proper documentation, certificates of materials and coatings, declaration of performance and CE marking.

EN 1090-2:2018, EN 1090-3:2019 ning EXC3 ja 3834-2 standarditele. 

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